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1. Student must apply through online at the time of circulation.
2. Applicant must appear before the Viva-Board.
3. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
4. No application will be received after dead line.
5. All information provided in this application is subject to scrutiny and verification.
6. If any information is found to be untrue, the award will be cancelled and be referred to
the Disciplinary Committee for action.

Condition after getting Endowment:
The main objective of "Chairman Endowment Fund Scholarship for Students welfare" is allowing student to continue study. After getting the reward, students will sign in a commitment letter where it should be mentioned that if beneficiary being succeed in his/her professional life, he/she will donate into this fund or will take financial responsibilities of some students under this project.

Termination of Chairman Endowment Fund Scholarship for Students welfare:
Serious misconduct, violation of rules of the university and/or of Nation, shall disqualify the candidate and subsequently Endowment Fund shall be terminated instantly without notice.